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Masonry work, flowers - beautiful and unusual design! Always been very popular in Russia than creating jewelry from natural stone. This, of course, is due, the presence of extensive source material in the territory of our country and the skills of talented craftsmen. With such plates, made of stone, without too much trouble, you can create pictures, flower pots, and the flowers themselves. Kind of manufactured jewelry depends on the priorities and taste designer who created it. The establishment may be carried out even with the simplest equipment, and the presence of a small space, in this case is mostly fantasy. You can start growing flowers from stones, such as copper sulfate. implemented by the salt bath may be an option for creating such colors. In this process, the salt dissolves in water, creating a supersaturated solution of salt, after which it must be vskipyachen. Next is the location of the seed in a solution that is lowered a little bit of salt, which almost instantly obrastet crystals. Then open bowl with flower growers leave open, if possible, in a warm place. This is one way to raise the stone flowers with his own hands. But, unfortunately, they will not be as durable on our site are stone-cutting work that will please your eyes for many years. For a directory our website experts used more exclusive types of stones that will allow them to be combined perfectly with the interior of the premises and noted a decent sense of taste of its owner. Flowers in the house - it is always nice, but living to die fairly quickly, and artificial plastics become banal and boring. The solution of this question can be precisely stone cutting flowers, hope that a wide range of models will allow everyone to find a bouquet of flowers made of stone.

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