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Presented jewelry made in the best traditions of Russian jewelry school, in the workshops in St. Petersburg.

Jewelry made by our Company are of high quality handmade and designs are usually performed in a single copy or to order (as agreed with the client sketch). All manufactured products have individual packing of fine wood. All jewelry production is given a personal certificate of quality and lifetime warranty.

Key areas of manufacturing jewelry:

  • jewelry for men and women
  • desk clocks, clocks
  • Jewelry for business men and business women
  • jewelry with religious symbols
  • jewelry Interior
  • Jewelry made with hunting trophies - the teeth, fangs and claws of wild animals.
  • Jewelry made in the style and technique of Faberge. Our palette of hot enamel contains more than 100 colors and shades.

All jewelry offered by our company are manufactured in the jewelry shops of the city of St. Petersburg in the best traditions of jewelry.

We represent jewelry, which are made in a single copy and have a unique design. Our jewelry and ornaments - a real piece of art jewelry artists handmade, distinctive features of which is not only the originality of design, but also high quality. Jewelry on order, as a rule, are made on the design, agreed with the client. Style, design, materials and composition of future products in advance is negotiated with the customer. Stylish and modern design jewelry combines exquisite taste and skill of performers. Our company presents to numerous buyers jewelry designed for the beautiful half of humanity, and for the stronger sex, as well as a large assortment of gifts and decorations for the interior of apartments and various facilities. Our company specializes in production of the main directions of jewelry:

  • male, female and table clocks;
  • jewelry for women and men;
  • jewelry with symbols of a religious nature;
  • Jewelry made in technique and style of Faberge;
  • jewelry for men and women business style;
  • jewelry to decorate the interior;
  • various jewelry, made in conjunction with hunting trophies: fangs, claws, teeth of wild animals, etc.

All manufactured products are packed exclusively in individual wooden packaging made from precious wood. All jewelry and jewelry to order and have a lifetime warranty, followed by the certificate of quality. With us you can buy jewelry not only for themselves, but also as a gift to friends, relatives or business partners. Our professionals will design and implement any of your dream or fantasy as in precious stones and metals. Looking in our directory, you will find the most unusual jewelry and ornaments, which are the unique idea of our jewelry craftsmen. Wide range of desktop, women's and men's luxury watch, the various items with religious symbols, souvenirs and products for business people, including a framework for a portrait, made of gold, 750 or 999.9 samples and other things that might interest you. Jewelry on order we carry out gold and silver, according to the customer can encrust them with sapphires and diamonds.

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