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The figures of animals made of stone - pets are always nearby! Masonry work relevant to the territory of Russia, because it is so widespread production of different structure and shape of stones. Russia's professionals in the jewelry field long enough to know how to create true masterpieces of various stones. Forms of products may vary Each person chooses for himself a suitable model, guided by specific criteria. But how many of us fans of different animals, thus turn our attention to the stone-cutting work. Refined ideal forms would feel sufficiently comfortable, while enjoying a combination of models with a common interior premises. You can come in the shape of a hippopotamus, presented in emotional various states. Of course, such sentiments can not be expressed in an animal in the natural environment, but sometimes she wants to see it. Therefore, the figurines depicted "thoughtful" and "smiling" representatives of the animal world. For many hippo symbolizes slowness and clumsiness, but, nevertheless, he is considered a strong and solid animal. How is the road many of us a cat. These beautiful creatures symbolize kindness and gentleness, so you will be pleased to see the house and figure, symbolizing one of the favorite things. Spaniel perfectly realized model stresses mind and thoughtfulness of this breed. It expresses the commitment and willingness to defend the host at any time of danger. Snail will feel You quiet, fun to watch and the original implementation in a stone image of a monkey. We are glad to present at a wide range of data items, of which anyone would be able to choose something similar for themselves.

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