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Brooches - back! Brooches are considered the most ancient elements of decoration of clothes, but despite the long existence, does not expire and will comply with all the modern fashion trends. Their use is known in the Bronze Age, decorations of those times can serve as indicators for archaeologists, because each culture had a unique form types brooches, so experts can not find certain difficulties when you use them. In practice, the brooch was always in demand, is lost its relevance today. gold brooch set with diamonds for decades tied down look around, that will emphasize the taste and style of its owner. Perhaps grandmothers everyone was and is in a similar product that has the form of a ladybug, cherry or dragonflies. Earlier brooch was worn in accordance with certain rules, it was used for closure at the collar. In the case of a small pin, it was always necessary to stab with the left hand, is strictly at 10 cm below the shoulder, and a brooch on the buttons should be located above two inches. Today, the use of brooches found its place and to wear on belts, hats, scarves, you can see it in her hair , looks favorably on the decoration of the swimsuit. brooch can also play the role of the top buttons on his jacket use it widely and depends on the style and taste of each individual. If a woman puts a pin in his knitted cap, it thus underlines its own particular romance. Models of artificial pearls , feathers, Swarovski crystals, zircons are quite relevant these days, but gold brooches are the exclusive manufacture of the classics and simply can not give up their own championship. We are happy to provide you with the original in design and component pins, a wide range of models designed to help find each of our visitors something of their own unique.

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