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Vanguard - unlimited imagination Of the author with a high level of artistic professionalism and implemented with a creative imagination on the right are avant-garde decorations. In this case, the jewelry is absolutely not issued for any jewels, and valuable is its avant-garde. The founder of avant-garde decorations can be used in virtually any material that could be and the variety of synthetic resins, wood, ribbons, plastic or leather. This was possible due to the fact that the avant-garde style of the artist is not limited to any specific canons. Avant-garde style, which may correspond to many of the pendants, earrings, bracelets or jewelry, preferably only included in the new fashion trends that are most suitable will, of course, girls who have priority over all it was a sports dress. The site presents a wide range of avant-garde products, most of which are rings made of gold and topaz. As precious stones could be used quite different options at present jewelry with rubies, diamonds, garnet, and tourmaline. All this is realized with a single purpose, that each visitor will find the most suitable for his model of avant-garde decoration.

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