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Jewels for each of us are very expensive. To this may be various reasons: some of them are gifts from the people dear to us, others are remembered because of important events.In any event, decorations are important for us and the loss of their almost inconceivable. Due to various events, they can be damaged, but do not give up too soon. In this situation, you can simply turn to the experts who will quickly and qualitatively repaired jewelry. When the work takes into account all factors, in particular the review of information needed if repairs jewelry from silver, gold or other precious metals, with a view to selecting the most appropriate principle of work. With the help of technology of repair jewelry becomes possible to hold the soldering of chains, the replacement of (manufacturing) or install locks on earrings, bracelets or chains. Do not forget about where the ring may simply not be suitable for the size of the owner. In this case, our specialists are ready to guarantee the quality decrease or an increase in the ring. Able to access and other necessary types of repairs, including the note rodirovanie, gilding or zakrepku inserts. In carrying out the repairs of jewelry can be applied bonding, soldering, rihtovanie and other types of work. One of the most popular techniques in our time is gradually becoming laser welding. Laser welding has become a real innovation in the field of jewelry.
Repair of jewelry has always been associated with a fairly complex job, which required considerable time investment, since implemented in this case the spike. Experts noted that there is a need for repeated breakdowns in the place where, until this is done spike jewelry. In order to eliminate the chance of breakage and re-started the use of laser welding in the repair of jewelry. It should be noted, if the laser welding is carried out repairs of jewelry, the prices of works are readily available to everyone.
In addition to the convenient prices, repair of jewelry is different and high quality of work. Linked similar effect with a relatively small width of the laser beam, which allows for the holding of a point of heating and welding of the metal itself.

In this case, at the jewelry is almost no trace of repair, which is beneficial impact on the appearance of the product.
No obstacle for laser welding are the size and thickness of metal jewelry that allows you to use the method to almost all the ornaments.

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